How to Return a Copier

By Marketing Group / February 14, 2017 / Comments Off on How to Return a Copier

Your lease is coming to an end and you’re excited to get a new copier in your office. You may be already thinking about your new copier when you realize you don’t know how to return the copier you already have. Returning a copier should be the easy part of the lease, but it can…

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Save money on prints!

By Marketing Group / February 7, 2017 / Comments Off on Save money on prints!

The consumable costs of printers are often one of the biggest expenses in an office. People spend so much time trying to save money on their lease that they forget to save money in other places. Consumables like paper and ink can add up quickly if you aren’t paying attention. Saving money on prints is…

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Xerox copiers

By Marketing Group / May 5, 2016 / Comments Off on Xerox copiers

When you think of copiers, the brand that will come to mind for most people is Xerox. Why is that? Xerox has built a strong reputation over decades and consistently has been a front runner in both production and technology in the copier business. As a proud Authorized Xerox dealer, we work with all kinds of Xerox copiers and will most certainly…

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Milwaukee’s Copier Leasing Specialists

By Marketing Group / April 29, 2016 / Comments Off on Milwaukee’s Copier Leasing Specialists

For all of your copier leasing needs, call Milwaukee’s Copier Leasing Specialists! Signing a lease for anything can be an anxiety producing event. There are pages and pages of writing, sometimes in lingo that is unfamiliar. Why do we call ourselves Milwuakee’s Copier Leasing Specialists? We have the experience in the copier leasing business  to help guide you through…

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Used copiers

By Marketing Group / April 20, 2016 / Comments Off on Used copiers

Has your business been leasing a copier for several years from another company that you are not totally on board with? Is your lease about to expire and you are looking at your options? Purchasing your own copier is always an option for any business and many businesses prefer this option because of the freedom…

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Milwaukee Copier Sales

By Marketing Group / March 31, 2016 / Comments Off on Milwaukee Copier Sales

At Milwaukee Copier Leasing and Sales, we want to be your go-to resource for all of your Milwaukee Copier Sales needs! Our highly experienced sales and leasing specialists know their business and are here to share it with you. When your business is in the market to buy a copier, who else would you want to trust…

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Choosing the best copier for your business

By Marketing Group / March 16, 2016 / Comments Off on Choosing the best copier for your business

Like most entrepreneurs, you have a lot of important decisions to make when it comes to running your business. You know what you want and what it takes to get there. You also know that sometimes it’s best to get the help of a professional when it comes to the purchase or lease of high…

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Can a Service Provider Keep Records of Supplies Like Paper and Staples?

By Marketing Group / December 25, 2015 / Comments Off on Can a Service Provider Keep Records of Supplies Like Paper and Staples?

As part of a Managed Print Service program, some people wonder if an automated meter can read and monitor paper usage, toner levels, the lifespan of copier parts and staples. The answer is yes. With the right system, you can track these things to perform a service call before an expensive fix arises. In addition,…

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How to Transition over to a Paperless Office

By Marketing Group / December 20, 2015 / Comments Off on How to Transition over to a Paperless Office

Paperless offices are a dream for a lot of business owners because it offers greater efficiency. Despite this, we do not recommend a completely paperless office. Technology has not progressed to the point where we can do that, and we will still have certain tasks that rely on paper. What can you do to start…

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Consumer-Grade Printers Pose a Security Risk to My Network?

By Marketing Group / December 15, 2015 / Comments Off on Consumer-Grade Printers Pose a Security Risk to My Network?

If you have a consumer-grade office printer, you should understand that they do not have the same level of security that a commercial-grade copier will have. A malicious hacker may use this type of system to prey on unwitting business owners. With this system of access, they can view the documents stored on the hard…

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