Used copiers

belt-tighteningHas your business been leasing a copier for several years from another company that you are not totally on board with? Is your lease about to expire and you are looking at your options? Purchasing your own copier is always an option for any business and many businesses prefer this option because of the freedom it affords you. When you own your copier, you know the bottom line and don’t owe anyone anything! The problem is, sometimes copiers can be quite expensive and if you haven’t saved up enough capitol to buy one outright, you might find yourself stuck. The good news is, we have great inventory of quality refurbished used copiers.

When you buy a refurbished used copier from one of our professional copier sales representatives, you are getting a high quality machine. It’s not like you are driving by a garage sale and buying a cheap copier, hoping that it will work when you get it home. Our refurbished used copiers have had the once over more than twice! We diligently clean, replace and repair any problem areas so that the used copier you end up with will behave like new.

Clearly, our reputation means a lot to us. When you buy one of our used copiers, we want to be sure that we are providing you with the highest quality product and service. Give us a call today to learn more!