Service Contracts for Copiers

office-594132_1920Learning About Your Service Contract

Before you have decided on a lease, you have to also consider the maintenance. You can purchase a service contract from a leasing company, but it will normally add extra costs to your copier. Sounds unattractive, right? You might be saying that you already have a warranty, and you do not want to pay for extra coverage. However, preventative maintenance helps to reduce the amount of breakdowns, and it extends the lifespan of your copier.

Service contracts have also become popular because it gives you a fixed price on the cost of servicing and parts for your company. If you do not have the protection of a service contract, you could be dealing with a shady supplier that majorly inflates the costs of copier parts and repairs. In the worst case scenario, you could need a replacement machine, and while it is a last resort, your copier could be down for several days. When you have a service contract of some type, it guarantees that you can replace the machine without it costing your company a great deal of money. If interested in learning more about service contracts, visit our copier company.