Save money on prints!

The consumable costs of printers are often one of the biggest expenses in an office. People spend so much time trying to save money on their lease that they forget to save money in other places. Consumables like paper and ink can add up quickly if you aren’t paying attention. Saving money on prints is one of the easiest ways to cut down on your monthly costs.

Take a look at your lease and see how many prints you are getting per month against how many you actually use. If the number of prints you are receiving is much higher than what you realistically use, then you are spending too much money.

This may seem like an obvious idea, but many people get swindled into getting more prints than they will ever use. This is a tactic used by leasing companies to put extra money in their pocket without you knowing what’s going on. At Milwaukee Copier we believe in honesty and want to help you save money on prints.

  • Think about the number of prints that you actually go through in a month. Do not be overgenerous with this estimate. Be realistic and think on the low end.
  • Negotiate a contact as close to that number as possible without going over. It’s ok to buy fewer prints than you think you’ll need. Most of the time you can buy 80% of what you think you will need and still come out on top
  • Check the fees associated with buying more paper for the month if you need it. This is the fee area that sales people will use to scare you. Usually though, the fees added save you money instead of paying more outright for extra paper.

Many leasing companies will want you to buy over the amount you need so they can make more money. They know that realistically you’ll never use the extra prints, so for them it’s all profit.

Don’t pay more than you have to for great service on your copier. To save money on prints and get the best service in the business, call Milwaukee Copier today.