How to Transition over to a Paperless Office

Need Document ManagementPaperless offices are a dream for a lot of business owners because it offers greater efficiency. Despite this, we do not recommend a completely paperless office. Technology has not progressed to the point where we can do that, and we will still have certain tasks that rely on paper. What can you do to start transitioning? First, start scanning your documents over from paper into a digital format. This gives both you and employees three distinct benefits:

  • Higher Security
  • Easier Retrieval
  • Faster Workflow

Second, embrace the Cloud and take advantage of it. Cloud computing, one of the fastest growing industries, will give you greater flexibility so that your employees can print from mobile devices. With this system, you can retrieve, store and create documents that will be accessible while still offering excellent security.

Third, you should digitize your faxing. When you have a fax line, this automatically creates a demand for paper. Converting your faxes into a digital file, you can convert incoming faxes. We have seen a lot of copiers and fax machines, nowadays, that provide you with a free feature related to converting faxes into a PDF that will be sent to your email inbox.