Can a Service Provider Keep Records of Supplies Like Paper and Staples?

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As part of a Managed Print Service program, some people wonder if an automated meter can read and monitor paper usage, toner levels, the lifespan of copier parts and staples. The answer is yes. With the right system, you can track these things to perform a service call before an expensive fix arises. In addition, we can alert you when your staples are running low for the copier. It is part of the Managed Print Service program, and with detailed software, you receive extra help that will reduce your costs.

Managed Print Services have sometimes been seen as an unnecessary expense. However, we have helped business owners to cut their costs by as much as 50 percent through a Managed Print Service program. Never see these programs as an unnecessary cost because they normally save more money than they expend. You should see it as an investment instead. In addition, a Managed Print Services program also offers you a greener solution to printing because you will be eliminating some of the waste in printing. Want to identify where you are hemorrhaging money? With this system, you can identify where the wasted printing is going, and you can eliminate it. You cannot improve what you cannot measure, and through a Managed Print Service program, you have a system that allows you to set goals and measurably achieve them.