Inkjet or Laser Copiers?

By Marketing Group / November 18, 2015 / Comments Off on Inkjet or Laser Copiers?

Should I Lease an Inkjet, Laser or Digital Copier? Generally speaking, inkjet copiers are never a good idea for business owners because they end up costing you the most in the long term. You can pay as much as 20 to 32 cents per color copy while a laser will only cost six to nine…

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Should I Lease or Buy a Copier?

By Marketing Group / November 6, 2015 / Comments Off on Should I Lease or Buy a Copier?

Leasing or Buying? Should lease or buy a copier? The answer depends on your unique circumstances. You have to look at the size of your business and the industry. Also, track the number of copies that you make every week and the tasks you perform. After you have done this, get in touch with us.…

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