Inkjet or Laser Copiers?

color-tonerShould I Lease an Inkjet, Laser or Digital Copier?

Generally speaking, inkjet copiers are never a good idea for business owners because they end up costing you the most in the long term. You can pay as much as 20 to 32 cents per color copy while a laser will only cost six to nine cents for color copies. In addition, inkjets also have a lower capacity output, which means that you will have to replace your ink and paper an average of three times in between replacing one laser toner cartridge. Finally, inkjets are much slower than a laser copier. While they may cost the least upfront, you will pay the most for them later.

Laser copies, on the other hand, are the most popular choice for business owners because you can print at faster speeds, and they cost less per page than an inkjet. Laser copiers are also known for producing better text than what an inkjet copier can produce. That leaves the digital copier and the laser copier. A lot of today’s laser copiers are also a digital copier because they include an internal scanner that allows them to store documents. It makes the retrieval of those documents as simple as typing in a keyword. No more digging through paper documents to find what you need.

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