Healthcare Concerns with Copiers

If you are a doctor or running anything to do with healthcare, you have some specific concerns that others do not have. We help doctors and health practicioners have the best copier, while addressing the unique concerns from this industry.

HIPAA Compliance

Customer privacy is a big deal in the healthcare world. No one wants to have random files with sensitive client info going around not being audited. There are ways to help ensure compliance – like scan to EHR and encrypted printing as well as badge release to help ensure there are no files printed that should not be printed. We can also help you know who printed files and when they printed these files. There are a lot of ways we can help you maintain compliance.


No one wants to print out what they need, go to the copier and have nothing there. If your copier is down, what can you do. This can be especially true for the scanning. One thing we really believe in is shooting for 99.999% uptime. Yes, something can happen, but we like to work out a plan with you so you are never in the position where you cannot print out forms or take home instructions for your patients. The copier working can have actual consequences to people’s lives. This is why we care about helping you have what you need.


The unfortunate reality is if you are trying to adhere to HIPAA closely, your solution is going to be more expensive than it will be for the retail shop without the same concerns. With that being said, we do aim to have usable and cost effective copier leasing solutions for our customers in the Milwaukee area! Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you with your copier needs.