Should I Get a Big or Small Copier?

If you are looking to get a copier for your office, you have some decisions to make. You will decide what company to lease from, what brand of copier you want, and even what size of copier you are looking for. You may want a big copier (Floor standing or production copier) or a smaller desktop model. Which you choose will have a big impact on your print costs and your print quality for years to come.

So, should you get a big copier or a small copier? The answer, of course… it depends.

Let’s say you are an accountant who gets busy once a year and it is mainly black and white prints you are doing. It would be perfectly acceptable to get a desktop copier with good capacity to handle the workload. Heck, some of the desktop units are even a lot faster and could wind up working a lot better in this situation.

If you are a print shop that is going to run a lot of pages, this strategy may not work so well. For one, you would not be able to print 11 x 17 in most cases. Then there are the per print costs, which are generally higher on the desktop models and the print quality generally is not quite as good. So, in this use case, you will be doing a lot of prints for people with limited capicity, worse quality and a higher cost. This is generally not a good plan in this business.

There are a few things to think about when deciding which way to go.

  • What sizes of prints do you need? (If just letter/legal – desktop copiers can work)
  • How many pages do you plan to print? (The more pages, the more you should look at 11 x 17 copiers)
  • What is the purpose of the prints (If marketing, you may want to stick with the bigger one so you can do 11 x 17 newsletters and have higher quality when you do print)
  • What is the ratio of color to black and white prints? (If most prints are black and white, you may be able to get away with a desktop copier.)

We help companies think through these kinds of questions and then advise them on what copiers make the most sense for their Milwaukee company. We are here to ensure you always get the best copier deal or lease. Give us a chance to earn your business!