Benefits of an Easy to Use Interface

When it comes to copiers, one of the common things we can overlook, is how easy is the interface to use? With Xerox, both the Altalink and the Versalink families use an easy to interact with and understand touchscreen. Gone are the days with mysterious buttons where you have no idea what the function the copier is referring to. There is a cool feature called “One Touch” which allows you to take common tasks and create special buttons for it.

For example, say you are a roofing company, and when the guys go out, they mark what happened on sales calls and need to scan these documents in for the sales manager to look at. This can be a simple one touch button for them that scans directly to the sales manager so they don’t have to think about what to do. Or maybe you want all the receipts scanned to accounting for write offs – there can be a button you make called “Expense Scans” – this can go right to the accounting department. The uses can be limitless.

Maybe the owner asks the assistant to scan and email things to him/her to look at. With one touch, there can be a button like “John/Julie Scans” and then they would simply go to the copier and press that button and it would immediately start the scanning process without even having to confirm. Now it is easier for them to scan it than it is to hand it to the assistant.

Xerox copiers make daily work a lot easier. Part of the setup can be determining which of these kinds of shortcuts are the best for your company. We work with companies in Milwaukee to help get them the best copier, for sure, but also to help them use the technology in the most efficient way possible.

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