Renewing a Copier Lease

You may have a copier that has been working great for years, and now it is time to renew the copier lease. There are a few ways to go about it, there are several types of lease renewals available.

  • Month to Month – This is a renewal that helps get you through a short term. Basically, it is the same terms as the prior lease, but now is month to month rather than a 5 year contract.
  • Year Renewal – This takes the same terms and locks it in for another year. This can be a good mid term strategy
  • Replacement Device – This can get you a new copier and start a new lease with similar or even better terms going forward.

You may not be ready to get a new copier or go through that process, in that case, a month to month lease can seem good. The only caution we would give is to make sure you address it at some point. We have seen some clients still paying full rates 3 or 4 years after the initial lease expired. The bank loves that, but it isn’t so good for you.

If you need help getting a lease in Milwaukee for your new copier, let us know! We would love to help!

We lease Canon, Xerox, and HP copiers to business clients in the Milwaukee area. If you need a lease, we can help you get the right tech at the right price! Our reps are happy to discuss your needs. If you need a lease extension, we can help you make sure you are getting the best deal!