How to Handle Multiple Locations for Leasing Copiers

If you are a business which operates at multiple sites, there can be two methods of leasing copiers – centralized or decentralized. There can be pros and cons to either, but normally, the bigger the organization, the more centralized will be the approach taken.

Why Centralize Copier Leases?

One of the big advantage of centralized leasing is the fact you can get bulk rates when doing multiple copiers vs single copier installs. What can get odd, is there could potentially be a manager at a site that gets a better price than the corporate rate, and then it can seem as though purchasing isn’t doing their job. The problem with this logic is it is far more common for each site to pay more than the group rate.

Assume that 20% of the sites get better deals than centralized copier leases, and 80% get worse deals, by the same margin… then the total is far better with taking the 80% getting the better deal.

One problem that happens is if the company has been decentralized for years, now there are end of contracts to deal with as well as vendor ties to sever. This can be hard to do at the local level. When corporate takes this over, then it takes the burden off the local arm to have to give the bad news to the current supplier.

We work with companies who have copiers all over the nation and we can help you build a strategic plan for copier leases for all of your sites.

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