Why You Should Default To Black and White

When using a copier, there are settings that exist to help you save money, and settings how the copier was sold by the manufacturer. If you asked a manufacturer why they auto default color copiers to black and white, I am sure their answer would pertain to the quality of the prints and not the cost of the prints. If ideal print quality is the most important thing for your business, you can disregard this blog because they are correct that color produces better looking documents.

When Should You Consider Black and White?

Defaulting to black and white doesn’t mean you can’t print in color when the quality of the document matters the most. It would mean the day to day printing where a solid print or copy is good enough, would be the standard. For many businesses, this can be 90% or more of their day to day printing. Their marketing team can default to color and it is a win / win for everyone in your organization.

There are some advanced driver software tools that can narrow in what prints in color and black and white by default based on the application. Emails and Excel maybe are black and white and Adobe Photoshop is default color printing. There are a lot of ways to dial in your copier to have settings that make sense. We save a lot of Milwaukee companies money simply by helping them with driver management. Most copier buyers spend their time looking at per print costs, and not ways to save money by using advanced rules and software.

We can help you get the best copier and have prices that work for you by helping you manage your default settings. Give us a call if you would like to lease a copier!