Getting Your Copier Lease Extended

One of the ways to get through the pandemic can be to extend a copier lease, rather than getting a new copier. However, this strategy is more for companies trying to get through a short window rather than trying to get the most of their technology in the long run.

What are some advantages of extending a copier lease rather than getting a new lease?

  • You can have a shorter contract (this gets you maybe another year, rather than signing up for 3 to 5 more years
  • You already know your copier, so no one needs to be trained.

What are some of the disadvantages of renewing a copier lease?

  • The security of the older copiers are not as robust, potentially risking your network if the security is not done correctly.
  • You’ll probably be using a copier that is 5 years old at the same price as a new copier
  • Some of the workflow solutions will not be in the copier like the new ones have
  • It is harder to get parts and service the older copiers.

With all that being said, a lot of this will depend on your company lifecycle, so to speak. Meaning, if you are thinking your business will only be around for a year, or you don’t want to be in a longer contract until Delta, or Omicron or whatever the next version of Covid is, it can get you through the short run.

If you are thinking about workflows or long term, we generally wouldn’t suggest doing an extension automatically, we would suggest you get a quote for a copier lease (from us hopefully!)

We are here in Milwaukee and can help you get a copier for your business. We love helping companies get a great deal and we primarily work with Xerox and Canon copiers. Let us know how we can serve you!