PIN Error in Xerox Copiers

If you have a Xerox copier and have an error showing on your copier about incompatible toner, this can be quite frustrating. The first thing we will go into is why this happens, and then talk about what you can do about it.

Why incompatible toner errors happen

As you are running your copier and printing each day, everything seems normal, and then suddenly there is an incompatible toner error. This happens because there is a chip within the toner cartridge which requires a handshake with a XDA (Xerox Device Agent) saying the copier has a valid contract and the toner being used is allowed. Why this happens is because Xerox did not charge for this toner, they supplied it on a cost per page basis, meaning if there is no contract, Xerox would gain no revenue for the supplies and make them lose money. The cartridges they provide under their service contract program, they put a chip in to ensure users cannot just get the toners for free and if they are not under a contract, it stops working, forcing them to purchase toners on the open market.

How you can fix the toner compatibility issue

There are two primary ways to fix this issue. If you are under a contract and are paying monthly for prints, the likely issue is the computer that was tracking the number of prints the copier has made has been replaced. If that happens, it no longer provides meter reads and there is no handshake. If this happens for 7 days, or 30 days, or 40 days (depends on the model), then you’ll show up some day and the copier no longer works. The solution is to add the software back in (if you have software already, to just re-synch the software.) Once there is a meter read, the error normally goes away.

If you are not on a contract, you will likely need to buy new toners. Before you do this, it is possible we could help you get your copier under contract. If you need a new copier in Milwaukee, we would love to help out! Call us to lease or buy a copier!