Considering Changing Copier Companies?

Are You Ready for a Change?

Most companies switch copier dealers at some point, and there can be a variety of reasons (not all of them the fault of the copier company.) If you are considering a change of copier company in Milwaukee, we can help.

What are some common reasons people want to switch copier companies?

  • The equipment keeps breaking and they are fed up with it
  • Billing or accounting issues
  • New reps constantly
  • A new IT person at your company already worked with another copier company in their past
  • Frustrations with communication
  • A need for a feature that doesn’t exist in the current copier lease
  • Cost savings

We know there are all kinds of reasons people look to change their copier dealer. It generally isn’t only about money or the current copier breaking. It is a company deciding what will be best for their future. We sell and service Xerox copiers in Milwaukee and would love to help your company. If you are looking to get a new copier and want a competitive quote, give us a call so we can do a discovery and see what kind of copier you actually need.