Finding a Great Copier to Lease

If you are running a business or starting one, it is a necessary part of the office. The photo copier. So, if you are not an expert, how do you get this bought, without knowing everything AND without spending the next month researching acronyms like cpp, ppm, dpi, etc?

The first thing, for most businesses. the copier should not be an overcomplicated decision to make. There are going to be a few key things to know, and the rest is just dressing.

  • Do you need 11 x 17 paper? This is two sheets of normal paper side by side. If you need this, you will want what is called an A3 copier. A3 is a technical term for the size of paper.
  • Do you need color? If you plan to do marketing, you do. Maybe you do even on your accounting or your CAD drawings.
  • How good does the color have to be? This will make a difference on which copier you want to buy.
  • How much do you print? This matters because each device may have a different cost per print, making one better than another.
  • Do you need stapling? This will be important to let the dealer know, and some copiers do not support it.

So, if you were just a new startup that did some occasional color, call it 300 pages a month… We would suggest the Xerox Versalink C405. It is under $1000. Now, if you said you needed 11 x 17, we would change to the Xerox Versalink C7020, closer to $4000. If you said the color needed to be great, we would switch to the Xerox Altalink C8130 which is about $8000. If you said you printed 15000 color pages a month, we would switch to the Xerox Primelink C9065 which is closer to $18000.

You might ask why we would go to the Primelink C9065 – that is because you would save almost 2 cents a page compared to the C8130. That is $300 per month – if you have it for 5 years, that is $18000… can you say FREE upgrade?

If you wanted stapling, but only did letter/legal, we would have to change to either the Versalink C7020 or go with the Versalink C605. One would give you more speed, the other the capacity for 11 x 17. We would ask which you preferred to get. We would need to move up because the Versalink C405 does not have a stapling option.

We hope to work with you on your next office copier in Milwaukee. We are Xerox authorized.