Get 24/7 Support with the New Xerox App

Get Support Anytime, Anywhere

With the new Xerox Support Engage app for both Android and Apple devices, have access to support to solve your technical problems whenever and whenever they arise. The Support Engage App is for any device that is covered by any Xerox service agreement.

Download the app for free today by visiting the iOS App Store or Google Play and get your results solved in almost half the time!

Instant Expert Support

The app provides access to multilingual digital agents and allows for you to select your problem from a list of eight problem categories. It will then provide you with a list of clear, step- by- step instructions to help solve the issue.

Connect with our Agents

Should the suggestion results not resolve the technical issue, or if you prefer to talk to a representative, the app will directly connect you to a Xerox Digital Support Exert during working hours. Engage with our representatives through text, chat, audio or video in order to best assist with your problem. In order to save time, the expert representative will have access to a summary of all the solutions that you previously tried.

Quick Note: The New Xerox Support Engage is available for download in the United States, Canada and most western European countries.

Looking for more information? Call us today at 414-662-3499 to find out more!