Altalink Multifunction C8055 Copier

Is your workplace in need of a new copier? Look into the revolutionary Altalink C8055. This copier will meet all the demands of a mid to large workplace and make sure that you can continue to function at a quick pace.

The Altalink C8055 contains two paper-holding trays. These trays do not only hold up to 520 sheets of paper, but they are adjustable as well! This means that they can hold paper at varying lengths: 11.7 x 17 inches for tray one, and 12 x 18 inches for tray two. Another feature is an optional envelope kit. This replaces tray one, but provides a place for you to store and print envelopes. Another cool part of the Altalink C8055 is its tandem tray module. This tray can bring bring the paper-holding capacity up to an astounding 3,140 pieces of paper! This copier + printer also has an optional feeder that can hold up to 2,000 sheets of paper, therefore bringing its paper capacity up to 5,140 sheets of paper. If you are a high-functioning, fast-paced workplace, this printer will ensure that your employees work-patterns will continue to perform at a high rate.

Don’t have second thoughts! Act now and get Altalink C8055, the printer of your dreams!