Altalink Multifunction C8070 Copier

Introducing the newest and best printer in the Altalink C8000 Series, the Altalink C8070. This printer prints and copies at a rate higher than any other printer in the C8000 series, and promises to keep your workplace flowing at a fast pace.

The Altalink C8070 prints at a rate for 70 pages per minute. In its monthly duty cycle, this amounts to 300,000 pages a month! And don’t worry! The Altalink C8070 also features many advanced printing finishes that assure you that you won’t just get fast printing, but your documents will have the high-quality look of a professional. Included in the Altalink C8070 is the “Xerox Integrated RFID Card Reader”. This gives your printer the safety and security you may need for your workplace. With this easy to use card reader, you will have 90 access cards. This makes it so only the employees who need to print documents will be able to! Another thing featured in the Altalink C8070 is an easy to use device that allows you to pair your printer to a mobile device with a single tap! This allows you to be able to utilize the Altalink C8070 from the convenience of any mobile device.

Call today and upgrade your workplace with the Altalink C8070.