Returning a Copier 

If you are preparing yourself for a new office copier then you might want to make sure you are ready to finish your previous lease correctly. Many people do not pay attention to the end of their lease and make costly mistakes. Returning a copier doesn’t have to be confusing, as long as you know what to look for.

  1. Find out if you need to terminate your lease. You cannot simply assume your lease will end when the lease is up. Many companies require you to write a letter to cancel your lease. If you do not do this then they will rollover your lease for an additional few months.
  2. Write a letter to terminate your lease. There is usually a time period in which you need to send in the letter. It can span from 45 days from when the lease ends to up to 6-months before. Make sure you don’t miss this deadline
  3. Put toner in separate zip-lock bags. Most copier companies require you to do this to make sure there is no staining or leakage.
  4. Check your manual to see specific packaging details. Many companies require different things for different copiers. Make sure your meet the requirements or you could face a fine.

Each of these steps are very important. It can be easy to get hit with a fine if you are not careful. Even worse, you could be stuck with your old copier additional months without any recourse.

Don’t forget that you signed a contract with your copier leasing company. If you make a mistake then there is nothing that can be done later on. It’s always better to be prepared ahead of time than run into a problem later on.