Why Warm-up Time Matters

Getting an office copier is all about making your life easier. Office machines are designed to make your office more efficient, and make work go more smoothly. However, not many people know how to choose the right machine to actually make their lives easier. What seemed like a good choice often ends up as a waste of time. We want to show you one of the biggest mistakes people make, and show you why warm-up time matters.

Warm-up time is the time it takes for your office machine to go from being completely off, to printing out the first page. Many people never consider how important this can be when it comes to efficiency. Most people only care about print speed when thinking about how fast a machine is.

Print speed is important, but only if you are truly doing very large print jobs. For example, print speed won’t matter as much if you are only printing 10 pages every so often. The time you will be saving is practically insignificant when dealing with print jobs that are that small. That’s when warm-up time matters more.

Warm-up time matters the most for smaller companies that don’t print as much. These businesses don’t need lightning fast printing because they aren’t doing that type of job. However, if they are turning their office machine on and off several times a day then warm-up time will become much more important.

Warm-up time will always matter more to smaller companies. Alternatively, if you are at a busy law firm or medical office then print speed will become far more important. Your machine will be on all day and print speed becomes much more important. It’s just all about finding what works for your business.