What to Consider when Buying a Used Copier

Used copiers are great options for someone who wants to stay away from monthly payments. With a lease you will be stuck with a leasing company for years, and you will have to get another lease after your previous one ends. This can be an expensive hassle that is not always worth it.

More and more people are opting to buy used copiers for the businesses in an attempt to save money. We sell the best brands of used copiers at Milwaukee Copier. We also believe in fair copier sales. We know our copiers are in great, working condition, but we still want to help you know what to look for when buying a used copier.

There is a critical part of information you need to know when getting a used copier. Even though the copiers may be working great, there is always the possibility of a broken part down the road. Some parts are easy to get, but others are specific to your machine. So, if you are buying a used copier, check to see when the copier was discontinued.

A copier company that discontinues a copier is required by law to keep their parts available for 5 years. If your used copier is past the 5 year mark then it may be difficult to get the specific parts you need.

It’s also important to ask about service and consumable agreements with leasing companies. Many copier leasing companies will allow you to start up maintenance and consumable deals with them, even without a lease.

At Milwaukee Copier we want to help you find the perfect copier for your business. Give us a call today and let us answer any questions you may have about used copiers in Milwaukee.