Want to Save 10-30% on Printing Costs?

belt-tighteningWhen you lower your printing costs, you increase your profits. Did you know that some business owners pay as much as 10 percent of their revenue in printing expenses? That is why knowing how to lower your expenses will lead to the best results. What can you do? First, consolidate all your desktop printers into an MFP. It may cost more at first, but what you save over the long term will make it worthwhile. For example, a consumer-grade printer will yield less toner. That means that you will pay as much as $0.20 per page while an MFP will only cost between $0.01 to $0.03.

Second, do not outsource your printing jobs to print shops as often. Why do you want to pay triple when you can print everything in the office? Unless time truly is of the essence, your current technology can print color envelopes, labels, letterheads and marketing materials with the same quality as a printing shop because of the latest advances in technology. Finally, create a print policy that restricts how much your employees can print in color. Also, you can set the default printing to black and white to avoid unnecessary prints in color. Saving on printing costs boils down to taking a proactive approach on printing.